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Psychological Abstracts

Monthly journal published by the American Psychological Association.

Founded in 1927, Psychological Abstracts contains nonevaluative summary abstracts of literature in the field of psychology and related disciplines, which are grouped into 22 major classification categories. It includes summaries of technical reports as well as journal articles and books. Each edition is collected into a cumulative volume every six months, with an index listing both the volume's contents and the national and international journals in which the abstracted literature appear. These journals are cited within the volume by codes listed in each monthly issue. A table of contents near the beginning of each issue guides readers to broad general areas that they may wish to investigate, while the subject indexes in the cumulative volumes refers them to articles on a particular topic.

In addition to research articles, Psychological Abstracts features theoretical discussions and reviews of other investigations, and alsocontains an author index for readers who would like to follow up their research by studying additional articles or books by a given author.

PsycLIT®, the CD-ROM version of Psychological Abstracts, became available in 1993, and is used by many academic and large public libraries. PsycLIT®, a two-CD set which is updated quarterly, includes over 670,000 records. PsycLIT® indexes and abstracts articles dating from 1973 from 1,300 professional journals. The database also indexes and abstracts books and book chapters dating from 1987.

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